This is an open letter to the guys at Disney Pixar and specifically to the team behind the making of the movie 'Up'. I love what you do and my family and I have thoroughly enjoyed every film you have made. My personal favorite is 'The Incredibles' while my wife states 'Monsters Inc.' as her favorite. But one movie in particular that I would love to see a full-length feature film is what you crammed into the first 10 minutes of the movie 'Up' that tells the love story between two young explorers full of dreams.

Now, Up is a great movie in and of itself, but my favorite part of the whole film is the storytelling of the grumpy old man and why he's grumpy. Seriously, that love story you told in the first 10 minutes of the film is a better love story than 'The Notebook', 'Twilight', 'Love Story' and any other movie I've ever seen. The fact that, after looking back, the four and a half minutes of just their marriage life, not a word was spoken is purely fantastic and goes through all of life's ups and downs including a couple of especially sad moments that will make the largest of men sob.

So, please take this open letter into consideration. I've been a fan of Pixar since I was first introduced many years ago and am looking forward to all future projects. But one movie I would love to see is the first 10 minutes of the movie 'Up' extended by one hour and 20 minutes, if you please.

Thank you.