I'm a big Star Trek fan, even over Star Wars. I remember being a young kid and along with my brothers and sisters we would play Star Trek all the time. We'd arrange the furniture in the front room and we were lucky that we had a large front room window that substituted as our Enterprise view screen.

I'd place my Dad's recliner as my Captain's chair in the center of the room with my brother and sister using the old giant record console as their navigation. The best part is when we "beamed" down to the planet, it was outside

I grew up in Clarkston, Washington and little did I know in the class right above me was the future producer of the new Star Trek TV series that will debut on CBS in January. I'm talking about my buddy Bryan Fuller. I was busy doodling comic books and he was busy writing Star Trek episodes. He started writing episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space and then moved on to Star Trek: Voyager.

He moved on to series like Heroes and created shows like Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me. Bryan's most recent success being the TV series "Hannibal" which was deliciously written and crafted.

I guess life can go full circle as Bryan is set to produce the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series. I'm super excited and elated, not only for the series but for my friend Bryan.

It's awesome to see someone you knew in high school go on to great success on an even bigger stage and I don't think a stage can get much bigger than space...the final frontier.

Here's the new Star Trek trailer as played at this year's San Diego Comic-Con...


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