Do you ever pay attention to what's available in the store? Produce has a shelf life and changes through the year so when you start getting into the local produce game it almost feels like you have your pulse on what's really happening, what's super fresh, and how to use it.

I'm not going to lie, I currently have more vegetables than I know what to do with. The boxes keep coming and I keep packing them in the fridge, sorting through and grabbing the goods. With the heat rising this week, morning smoothies with frozen blueberries or blackberries from my boxes were perfection.

Last night the hubs BBQ'd so I was able to add pasilla peppers to the grill with fresh corn and omg it was the bomb! We had drumsticks and baby red potatoes cooked in butter with the fresh sprigs of rosemary cooking alongside. Have you experienced rosemary and butter potatoes recently? That's a plate worth licking clean. Finishing it off with fresh peaches and whipped cream was stupid good.

You might not want to eat very healthily but there are some serious benefits to adding more veggies and produce into your meals. Getting creative with colors helps mix up the mundane and sometimes, if you plan right, you will be less hungry and even more satisfied.

I love supporting Pacific Northwest Fresh, not only because it's local but because she has a give-back program where you could purchase a box for a family in need or you could even sign-up yourself if you are the family that needs a little help. Emily, the owner is so wonderful and delivers right to your doorstep every Thursday and Friday like clockwork. Just leave last week's box outside and she will exchange it and also include a recipe she, her husband, or her son created! It's a family business and you can feel it in the care and time they take to explain items that are more unfamiliar and options to use them.

Based on the items in this box what would you be whipping up this weekend?

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