If you are anything like me, October is just not your month when it comes to scary things: haunted houses, corn mazes, rooms of doom.........However for those that are not scared chickens as I am, this month is most likely your time to shine in the scary department.  So will you be hitting up the haunted house? Taking a midnight stroll through the haunted corn maze?  Try your luck in a room of doom? How about catching Paranormal Activity 4, out in theaters....tonight!

I know for many, you have awaited this scary feature, but for all of those brave enough ~ I will just take your word for it.  I think my scare meter is full for quite a while thanks to a VIP tour lead through the MADD HATTERS Haunt, and being left in the scary corn maze alone (all in one week!) I don't know if I can handle much more!  I know a lot of you will, because I seem to be the ONLY one around that is ready for this scary month to be over, but I enjoy seeing how much everyone ELSE loves it!  Try your hand with Paranormal Activity 4 - check it out!

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