I may not be able to afford a night's stay at Yakima's most expensive hotel, Holiday Inn Yakima, or even the Hotel Maison boutique hotel downtown, but I can still daydream that one of these days, I will be kickin' back inside of a luxury hotel, just like the ones I used to know in Miami.

I still have sweet dreams about the time I got "flewed out" (i.e. I flew myself out) to Miami that year back in the mid-2000s. It has been over a decade since I have been to that little town of luxury. The next time I head to "the city where the Heat is on", I want to stay at The Goodtime Hotel, which is co-owned by Pharrell Williams. Oh, you didn't know, Pharrell gotta hotel (it will run you about $260 a night in the off-season). Check out the sexy a$$ pics of Pharrell's hotel below, just keep scrolling--BUT FIRST, let me tell you about the time I partied down in Miami. It is a wild story!

One of my favorite birthdays was spent in Miami because I had scored red carpet passes to cover the BET Music Awards for work. I found this tiny cheap hotel to stay in with my mom, brother, and me. It was so long ago, I don't remember the name of the hotel but I remember that it had a quirky vibe to it plus a pool that was oddly shaped, but lovely to look at. Unbeknownst to me, this hotel was kind of like a hostel in the sense that patrons could room up with total strangers and save money on their rooms. Weird, but cool. The three of us grown folks had enough space to stay in one of the rooms, so I guess they gave me one of their biggest ones. We had no complaints!

The only downside was that our hotel was puny compared to the luxury hotels the celebs were staying in during the BET Awards. The plus side is that it was in close proximity for me to walk back and forth to the BET Awards after-parties! One of the parties was at a hotel on Beechwood Avenue and it was hella swanky. We were lucky enough to run into quite a few celebrities at these luxury Miami hotels including soca artist, Kevin Lyttle, who at that time had a big hit on his hands with his crossover hit, "Turnin' Me On'. When Kevin approached me on the dancefloor on this one hotel's rooftop party, he asked me why I was so happy. I told him that it was my birthday and I was celebrating. He told me it was his birthday, too, and then asked me to dance with him. I happily obliged.

It turns out that Kevin Lyttle was a big, fat liar because a quick Wikipedia check shows that his birthday is actually on September 14th. Mine is on August 29th. And that's why he only had ONE mainstream radio hit because karma is a bee-word! That little white lie certainly doesn't matter to me now, but dancing with Kevin Lyttle on "our" birthday and then receiving free bottles of Svedka from total strangers was one of the biggest highlights of my trip!


Take a Peek Inside Pharrell Williams New Swanky South Beach Hotel

It's very pink, very turquoise, very Miami, and very posh!

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