With Halloween coming up, there are many stories, fables and myths surrounding places in and around the Yakima Valley. Although I don't have much as far as proof goes, here is a list of places that are probably haunted.

  • The Capitol Theatre

    This rumor has been around far too long. Many claim to hear strange sounds. Have you heard anything? If so, you're not alone.

  • Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

    I've heard several stories about Memorial Hospital being haunted, too. Here's a quick quote from a story found at the Ghosts of America website.

    "We pushed the bathroom door struggling because it was heavy. I remember saying something like ''ahhh we can't open the door. '' While all this was happening, this man told me ''it's going to be all right. '' As I helped my
    little cousin into the bathroom, I turned around to say something to him. That was when I realized that that door that he was leaning on was not there. Instead it was a water fountain."

  • The Old Train Depot

    Was also 'The Depot Restaurant and Bar'

    Both staff and customers have reported hear sounds of music, children playing and more from the attic at this location. There have been instances of doors closing and faucets turning off by themselves and some have even reported seeing a woman wearing an apron on the stairs leading to the attic.

  • My Place

    Although I'm always skeptical about stuff like this, I do have to pay attention when it comes to matters that hit close to home or, in this case, inside my home. My wife says our daughter has seen two separate figures. One, a girl in pigtails and the other, an older man. What caught our attention was when she said the older man was bald and would take his teeth out. My wife's grandfather would entertain children by taking his teeth out. He passed away in 2001.

  • The Old Mabton School

    This is one I actually have video of. A local team of paranormal investigators showed me this video when they recorded footage inside the old school in Mabton. According to the team, they placed some glow sticks on the ground, turned on the camera and then left the building. It wasn't until about the 9:30 mark of the video that you see one of the glow sticks fly across the camera. That glow stick was found in another room.

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