Is your green thumb itching!? I read that during this time it's important to resist the urge to start cleaning up your flower beds. , shall we?

Find the Sunshine

Is there a spot in your house that has sunshine streaming through the windows? Is it a spot that could feature some plants, because a window garden can become something you get to care for all year long! Your tastebuds could be reaping the benefits as well, depending on what you plant.


For the past few years, I have been really into growing avocados from seeds. I realize I will need a Mother Plant (one that actually produces avocados) to graft to my current plants, I'll figure that out but that's not going to stop me from perfecting the process.

The windowsill in my kitchen has been excellent, once you find your spot it's about the next step in the growing process. Let your plant grow until it is 12 inches high and then cut it in half. I know! It feels crazy but it's important. If you don't your tree will never have branches and could grow super tall. For the next two years, every time it reaches 12 inches cut it back. You not only will get branches growing but you'll have a fuller stronger base.


These babies are like giant grapefruits. I had never tried one until I received one in one of my Pacific Northwest Fresh boxes and decided to try and grow one of the seeds. It flipping worked. Same as the avocado, when it hits 12 inches chop it so it grows nice and thick. I read that you can actually graft other citrus plants to it, so cool but I have yet to graft anything so in due time.


I also have been growing a lemon from seed. I'm not sure why but this thing is so small and seems like it hasn't gotten any bigger in the past six months. I believe I started the pomelo after it which is wild but if it thrives with another citrus around it I figured I would just add it to the same pot and hope for the best.


I'm really hoping that my orange seeds take off but currently they are gathering their strength wrapped in a damp paper towel inside a ziplock bag. We shall see what happens.

Green Onions

If you love using green onion in your dishes, don't throw out the little bottoms, regrow them! A tiny clay pot on your windowsill will keep the green onion train moving along for quite some time!


By the time it gets warm and stays above 50 degrees at night, all the pots will be moving outside to thrive and I am SO curious to see what happens with all of them but I wish you so much luck beginning the growing process.

If you just can't wait, a windowsill garden is a great way to satisfy your garden cravings.

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