This past weekend in Portland, Ore., was something called the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Think of it like a comic con but instead of comics being the underlying reason everyone is there, it's a love for video games new and old (but with a heavy emphasis on old). I was invited to attend as a special guest, but, joke's on them, I would've been there anyway as old video games are a passion of mine.

I didn't take many photos, just a few selfies, really. At this event they had several arcade games and about 90 pinball machines you could play for free.

They had a giant vendor floor from people selling relics of the past. Old video games for the Atari and Nintendo, old video game magazines and system and so much more. It was fun just to look around to see what there was.

There was a mini-museum featuring a game system that never came out, a boxed Atari collection, playable copies of games that were never released and a lot more, too. It was very cool to see.

There were also industry people in attendance. People who made video games like David Crane who was responsible for Pitfall -- one of my favorite old Atari Games. They had several other notable people in the video game industry, too. It was fun just to see them walking around and even shopping for video games like everyone else.

I had a great time and can't wait for the next one already.

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