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The True Gaming Haven Of Yakima Is One Up Gaming.
I've been a gamer my entire life, some of my earliest memories were playing Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo. When I first moved to Yakima I started trying to find little "Nerd Havens" around the city. Little did I know there was a lot waiting for me...
Playing Pac-Man for the First Time [VIDEO]
My daughter is just getting into video games for the first time in her life. Fortunately, I have a museum's worth of a game collection to showcase a few historical games. This time I decide to show her a true classic -- Pac-Man.
Dizzying effects
I attended the PAX Prime video game convention in Seattle. They had demos for all the new games yet to be released and had some demos of video games and technology that isn't set to be available for quite a while. One thing I finally was able to experience was an Oculus -- a virtual reality hea…

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