The problem with being a celebrity that passes away... they are quick to sell your property!

Former actress Brittany Murphy's home was scheduled for the auction block this morning at 10:30 AM at the courthouse in Pomona, CA.

According to TMZ however, the auction has been postponed. We're told Brittany's mom Sharon asked for the extra time because she's trying to unload the house on her own.

The actress' untimely death in late 2009 came only months before that of her husband Simon Monjack. And now the home where the couple passed is in foreclosure. According to TMZ the Hollywood Hills home has gone into foreclosure and is to be auctioned off.

The 8,000 square feet home on 1.29 acres has $4,035,666.92 owed and may be auctioned off in two weeks.

Would you buy Brittany Murphy's Home?

via Brittany Murphy - Post-Mortem Home Of Brittany Murphy And Husband Up For Sale In 2-Weeks.