It's not every day that a TV game show comes to town -- especially when that town is Yakima. So it's no surprise that tickets to Saturday night's (April 2) "The Price Is Right Live" sold out in no time flat.
If you were one of the lucky ones able to score a seat (or even luckier -- KFFM ticket winners!) we might have caught you in action.
Rumor has it that some die-hard fans were in line at 8 in the morning. If you weren't up to camping away your beautiful spring day at The Capitol, you probably staked out your place in line at around 4:30, like we did.
It was a blast seeing all the great T-shirts, and we snapped some pics of a few of our faves. We were having so much fun that 50 minutes flew by and before we knew it we had the golden ticket -- well, The Yellow Name Tag, anyway.
At showtime, fans were SUPER excited, and bouncing on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear their name called to "C'mon down!" Yakima-area contestants from Cowiche to Selah filed onto the stage to guess prices, play games, spin the wheel and of course try to WIN PRIZES!
One early winner, out for a girls night, walked away with a prize package that included a 50-inch 3D flat screen TV with Surround Sound -- her lucky husband won't be sorry that he stayed home with the kids when he lays eyes on that.
Crowd favorite 72- year-old birthday boy Jerry, who was at the show with bride No. 2 (aka "that 'un up there) really had the audience laughing at his love stories of IHOP waitresses and blind coffee dates. He followed that up by being one of the nights' biggest winners, taking home $1,000 cash from Plinko.
Selah native Deb and Gilbert Elementary School teacher Crissy tried their hands at winning the showcase -- full of travel prizes and ... A. Brand. New. Car! Sadly, they walked away without the prize, but like all the contestants they did take home an official T-shirt.
We had tons of fun and it looked like many of you did, too.  What was your favorite game? Most entertaining contestant? Best T-shirts?
Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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