It's the midwestern drawl that pulls you in. Waitress, Jenna, pours her heart into her fabulous tasting pies with clever names like

“The Key (Lime) to Happiness Pie” and “Betrayed By My Eggs Pie.”

These names alone don't make much sense but once you dive into the musical world of the broadway play Waitress, you will be hanging on every sugar and butter-filled note!

The film Waitress is what inspired Grammy singer Sara Bareilles to write some really catchy songs for a Broadway musical based on the film and last night Mom and I treated ourselves to it at Yakima's Capitol Theatre.

It's been quite some time since I have watched a performance and even though the pandemic is still in full effect, I was SO happy that precautions have been taken so the talented cast could perform!

My very first Broadway experience was a cassette tape my parents brought home from the play Les Miserables. I listened to it on repeat, memorizing every agonizing and uplighting lyric. I dreamed someday I would be on stage as Cosette or Fantine but little did I know, I would get to experience the magic of Jisel Soleil Ayon!

She plays Jenna in the traveling show Waitress and in her past, performed as Cosette on stage. She's a powerhouse, the whole cast was and last night was just perfection.

From the adorable pie lattice curtains to the gorgeous lighting to depict a setting sunset, each prop and scene was really well put together and I know it takes a village from the onstage actors to the behind-the-scenes engineers. Nailed it!

A big thank you to everyone who works hard to bring the theatre to life, especially in times like these. It was awesome to get transported into another world for a few hours and the music was just tops.

If you have a family member, friend, or lover who is a big fan of musicals and theatre, you must check out The Capitol Theatres line-up. We are blessed to have such a gorgeous place to enjoy entertainment. Sometimes you really don't have to leave town to experience something new and exciting.

Waitress at The Capitol Theatre

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