You cannot save someone from wanting to take drugs. They have to save themselves. You can provide them with food, shelter, and comfort. You can drive them to interviews and clothe them, you can care for their children while they recover and you can hold them when they are sad but you cannot save them. They have to save themselves.

Who Are You Really Trying to Save?

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We all know someone who is struggling. Not paying attention to the most important things in life, themselves and those they care for. So we provide money, a place for them to stay, and hope for the best.

The other day I found out that someone near to me had a lavender and rose bundle taken from their wall and thrown away because that person felt there was witchcraft involved. Big picture. The parents of this person are drug addicts. They are the liars and storytellers that are driving down your streets and stealing your packages. Cutting up cars and taking catalytic converters, getting high, and not paying attention to their children, yet when you talk to them face to face they want to act as if everything is fine.

Here is What You Need to Do

Be honest. Brutally honest, anytime that these liars and addicts want to stray from the truth you bring them right back. Shove the facts in their face and DO NOT continue to pay their rent or allow them to take advantage of life without responsibility.

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