Real talk, when WAS the last time your boss bought you lunch? Everyone has to eat and the benefits of your superior taking the initiative are immeasurable! A PSA for all top dogs out there about how to maintain happier and more productive employees.

Buy Your People Lunch Right Now

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Story Time

Jimmy Johns
Jimmy Johns

I was starving, hadn't packed a lunch, and didn't plan on taking time to eat. I was just going to push through and eat something later. That's when my boss dropped in and said these magical words, "Hey! I'm buying lunch, want a sandwich from Jimmy Johns'?" I was speechless and SO flipping excited, "Yes, please! Turkey would be awesome." He said, "The Turkey Tom with all the fixings?" Bless this dude, I didn't even know that what I needed was an everything Turkey Tom in my life.

Buy your people food
Buy your people food

My lips are burning as I write this! The fancy mustard seeds make me feel fancy and I have the burst of energy I was looking for to wrap up this day! If I can impart one piece of managerial advice to anyone out there, from top to bottom. It would be


It could be a pizza party, a charcuterie spread, a bbq, a taco spread, or even a food truck! Not as much of a fan of food? Go the drink route and order everyone their favorite beverage with a muffin or a cookie!

Headaches come and go, but a well-cared-for and fed employee could last forever!

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