Orange parking cones, man. They'll get ya every time, even if you're a superstar like Psy. The Korean sensation followed up his bazillion-times-viewed video for 'Gangnam Style' with the new clip for 'Gentleman,' which is now banned in Korea by the state-funded Korean Broadcasting System since it depicts the singer kicking a parking cone. WTF?

What's the big deal? Well, according to PopDust, the cone that is the recipient of a swift kick from Psy's foot reads "No Parking," and the KBS was miffed that Psy abused public property in his video.

Psy, who is all dapper and ready to dance, likely didn't mean any harm. The cone was in his way. But he does have a serious, butt-kicking look on his face, as you can see from the screenshot above!

It is a shame that his home country isn't showing the video, since Psy has done so much to expose Korean culture on a massive scale. How's he going to get to another bazillion views if his own people can't watch the video on a repeated loop? Because we all know how fun it is to watch Psy dance his face off over and over and over!

Watch the Psy 'Gentleman' Video

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