New Psy Video “Gentleman”
Check out the new video from international superstar Psy. The sequel to his smash hit "Gangnum Style" is his latest creation called "Gentleman". With Psy holding the record for the most viewed video in Youtube history, this gentleman has some big shoes to fill...
Shocking Celebrity Predictions For 2013!
I have Magic 8 Ballz, which is just like a magic 8 ball, but better because I may or may not have found one on the top shelf at a dollar store! Supercheap!
So here I am sitting here asking my ballz some pretty serious life-altering questions...
Can Your Grandma Do This?
This grandma is 90 years old and has tons of style! She might even do it better than Psy!
I talked to my grandma and she said, "I've got style, 'Boy! But I don't want to break another hip!" Well, no hips were sacrificed while making this video...

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