Two years after releasing the gargantuan hit 'Gangnam Style,' South Korean pop star PSY is back with a new video for 'Hangover' featuring Snoop Dogg.

It's a fun and cheeky clip with PSY and Snoop going to various places in Korea and getting their drink on. At a Seoul seafood restaurant, the duo engage in a drinking contest with two Korean women that look old enough to be their aunts (no offense).

Later, the foursome go to a karaoke bar and an amusement park, where they continue to "drink it up." There's also a scene where PSY and Snoop display their martial arts skills in a pool hall. At the end, a bar fight erupts while the two share sips of an alcoholic beverage.

Overall, PSY's 'Hangover' video is very entertaining and worthy of your time.

We don't know if the video will surpass the 2 billion mark like 'Gangnam Style,' but it's garnering some major views so far. As of this writing, the 'Hangover' clip has reach nearly 10 million views.

Also, according to PSY, he's dropping a new single in the summer called 'Daddy.'

It looks like it's going to be PSY's year once again.

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