Recently, reports of RadioShack filing for bankruptcy and being force to close down stores have been in the news. They released a list of stores slated to close. Fortunately for us, Yakima's location is not on the list.

Our area has a few RadioShacks including one at Valley Mall in Union Gap and, unfortunately, that is on the list to close shop, as are the ones in Tri-Cities and Wenatchee. Missing from the list is Yakima's location at Ninth and Summitview in the Scarborough Fair shopping area.

I hope this isn't a mistake as I still shop at RadioShack for wires and cables I need for my geek projects. I was even able to bring in one of my Japanese game systems to build a power cord that works for it (and still does!)

It is the end of an era for most. I can remember getting batteries and Atari 2600 supplies when our RadioShack was at 24th and Nob Hill Boulevard. I hope it doesn't end any time soon for Yakima.

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