One of our favorite times of the year is when a certain rodeo is in town, since they already have the soil laid out, they allow kids with special needs come in and 'play cowboy', so to speak. My kids had a great time.

When they first walked in, they got them dressed up in rodeo gear. They got a hat, a shirt and even a bandanna to wear around their neck. From there they had many options for activities from roping a wire-frame bull, milking a fake cow and even riding a real horse. They also had some barrels set up that you could play on that had bull elements attached to them.

Some rodeo royalty joined in for photo opportunities.

Or, when in doubt, you could also just play in the dirt. My son did that a couple of times.

Everyone was wonderful, the volunteers were fantastic and so patient and understanding. A lot of love goes into events like these and, as a dad of kids with special needs, I can't thank them enough for opportunities like this.

Big thanks to everyone involved with the Rascal Rodeo. It was so fun to see all the kids having a great time in an atmosphere like this.

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