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I don't know what it is about Neiman Marcus but a lot of people like to shop there for the trendiest and best-selling items. The closest shop is in Portland and Seattle, and since so many of us love to travel to the big city (or order online) whenever possible, there is always a piece of the N.M. in the Yakima Valley and Tri-Cities regions.

When I try to find the priciest stuff to recreate on my own (like this $2,000+ visual art piece that I made for less than $50), the name Neiman Marcus keeps popping up.

Let's see what they've got going on that I can probably find a great knockoff for. I'm all about looking great, fashionable, and trendy without paying top dollar. Yes, I'm a bottom dollar, bottom shelf kinda babe!

1. White Combat Boots. These Prada boots are on sale for $1,420 at N.M. but I found them at Walmart for less than the price of a one of those President Grants!

screenshot Prada via
screenshot Leadokoas via

2. Cassette Chain Shoulder Bag. N.M. has a Bottega Veneta handbag going for $4,100 but lookie here, an inexpensive lookalike for just 55 bucks!

screenshot Bottega Veneta via
screenshot via

3. Red Racer Leather Jacket. Why spend the Neiman Marcus price of $6,790 for this Tom Ford when you could spend a measly $128 for this one from Cafe Racer?

screenshot tom ford via
screenshot Cafe Racer via

4. Black and Gold Baby Stroller: Who wants to dish out $1,529 for a Mima black and gold Xari baby stroller when you could find nearly the exact same model (Safety 1st Smooth Ride) at Walmart for just $149! Don't like the color? Spray paint it with fabric paint and call it a day.

screenshot Mima via
screenshot Safety 1st via

5. Large Tiger Vase. Everybody knows that Hermes is excruciatingly expensive, whether you're buying a handbag or anything else. That's why I turn my nose up at this gorgeous $1,975 tiger vase in lieu of this one I saw on Etsy for just 15 bucks!

screenshot Carnets D'Equateur Large Vase via
screenshot myrnamomma2020 via

Save your money for something else and recreate the expensive look in your home or closet with a few keystrokes on the laptop!

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