The freeze is on, especially in Washington state. We've already gotten some snow in different areas, and we've also seen a decent amount of frost on our car windows when we get up in the morning. If you're waking up cold in the middle of the night we wanna help you stay warm.

No, we're not gonna show up with heaters, blankets, a movie, and popcorn, instead, we're going to give you three redneck ways to keep you and your family warm this winter without having to break the bank.

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3.) Close all the Doors

This may seem like a no-brainer but it's still something everyone struggles with when it comes to keeping your home warm. If you have a heater going or a fire in your house, you may wanna close all the surrounding doors to rooms people aren't using. Leaving those doors open will allow the heat that is accumulating in your home to drift off into other rooms where it will most likely dissipate depending on your heating method.

2.) Toss those Blankets in the dryer for Five Minutes

Feeling extra chilly and the blanket just isn't cutting it? If you have a dryer you also have what we rednecks like to call a blanket warmer, toss that blanket in the dryer for about five minutes and let it heat up. By the time it dings you'll have a hot fluffy blanket ready to snuggle up in and feel like you're coming back to life.

1.) Seal all Gaps

People will say "There are no gaps in my house." however, in reality, there are plenty with windows and doorways. To ensure you're not losing heat from your house put a towel down in front of your door, and make sure to any and all areas where heat can escape. It'll make help with making sure your house stayed heated long through the night after everything is turned off.

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