Halloween is quickly approaching however, some people are conflicted about whether or not they'll be taking part in the festivities this year. It's understandable since prices are at an all-time high and inflation is hitting everyone hard.

People will assume you're being a stiff if you're not participating in the age-old tradition of trick or treating when in reality it's hard to even afford the expensive bags of candy and trying not to overdo it while also trying to make sure you have enough for everyone. You don't have to turn off all your lights this year tho, we have three things you can hand out for trick-or-treaters that won't break your bank.

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3.) Stickers

Kids will go crazy for some stickers, especially if you get the variety packs. You may be thinking, "That's way more expensive than candy." However, if you look on amazon you can get a hundred packs of stickers for about ten dollars, so buying two of these packs would make a great alternative. The packs have mixes and matches for all different kinds of shows, movies, and video games so there will be something there for any kid. We'll put the link below!

Affordable Stickers for boys

Affordable Stickers for Girls

2.) Toys

We're not talking about Legos or action figures by any means, however, you can get packs of toys like plastic skeletons, toy rings, and a whole lot more just by checking out the dollar store. They sell them in bags so you should be able to get a whole lot of them for cheap and put a lot of smiles on kids' faces.

1.) Dollar Store Candy

Kids are trick or treating for the haul of candy, let's be honest, that was the whole goal when we were kids. Hit as many houses as you can in one night and get the most candy than anyone else. So it doesn't truly matter if they get the bag of candy from the bigger retail stores or the candy from a dollar store. You can save a lot of money by loading up on chocolates and suckers from the dollar store that are just as good as any other candy. You won't feel so guilty about giving out a handful because you'll be loaded with more than enough for the whole town.

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