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Please note: If you are 21+ keep reading, otherwise close out this blog post right now!

There's no other way for me to describe Slim Chiller's Vodka Popsicles other than delicious, although I will admit I've only tried one of them.

I had heard about Costco's summer release of these freeze pops through several moms on my Facebook timeline. I was even warned by them that they would sell out quickly. I still failed to heed the warnings in time to head over to Union Gap and renew my Costco membership, so I missed out on my chance to buy myself a box of these tasty frozen treats!

Fortunately for me, a friend of mine's father-in-law works at Costco and managed to share some of his stash of Vodka popsicles with my friend, who in turn, shared one of her stash with me! She offered me the choice between a Watermelon Lemonade or Appletini (other flavors include Lemondrop Martini and Cosmopolitan Martini). I thanked my friend profusely, quickly grabbed the Appletini one and never looked back!

This popsicle is so yummy and true to the flavor of an actual appletini martini that I couldn't believe it! Other reviews have stressed that this frozen snack is low in calories, but let's be honest here, I could care LESS about how many calories it has or doesn't have! I'm only here for the tastiness and the booze-i-ness, people!

My only complaint is that the packaging is not "mouth" friendly. I kept cutting the sides of my mouth everytime I took a bite from the popsicle. I felt myself getting infuriated with feeling the stings of pain. I tried cutting off the sides of the packaging to alleviate the cuts to my mouth, but that just made enjoying my popsicle even worse. Finally, in a fury, I cut the popsicle in half and tried my best to salvage what I could. I would suggest if you try this popsicle, you cut off one end of it first and then dump the entire thing into a glass or coffee mug to slurp with a spoon. That way, you will avoid slicing up your mouth altogether!

I give this product two huge THUMBS UP and two big LIPS DOWN!

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