2020 has been pretty wild, messy you could say so moving forward, Safe Yakima Valley is looking to get a whole lot cleaner, are you ready?

We invite the community to join us in cleaning up Yakima County neighborhoods Sept 11-28.  We're launching the 2020 cleanup on September 11, and concluding it on September 28, National Good Neighbor Day.

Normally we would want to set-up work parties and shower you with pizza after we finished but Covid-19 has put a hard pause on gatherings like that business so we've come up with a solution. We are asking you to start checking out the area around your very own neighborhood. One to three hours of clean-up will get you entered into a drawing for all kinds of prizes like electronics, gift cards to restaurants, or even mini-vacations!

Depending on your age please make sure you aren't venturing out without an adult, guardian, or older sibling with you while participating. A clean neighborhood is a safer neighborhood and because everyone loves an awesome prize for hard work Safe Yakima Valley has teamed up with Hogback Development and others to provide some fun incentives for your cleanup efforts like sunglasses, meals, haircuts, coffee cards, and more!

Safe Yakima Valley mobilizes individual citizens, families, neighborhoods, and organizations in collaborative efforts to create safer communities. For more information call 509-248-2021 x114 or email safe@yakima.org

The starting date is September 11th and runs through September 28th, there will be a link available on the Safe Yakima Valley website to assist in signing your child up to be eligible for prizes. The winners will be announced in the afternoon of September 29th on-air with Sarah J on 107.3 KFFM.

We are always searching for new members and also youth and adult mentors so depending on how you would like to give back we encourage you to reach out and ask questions.

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