First off from everyone at Safe Yakima Valley, thank you to all who participated, shared the info, and encouraged themselves, the kids, siblings, and friends to get out, enjoy the sunshine, and clean-up their own neighborhoods.

This month has been crazy! The Keepin' It Safe 2020 Neighborhood Cleanup kicked off on September 11th and ran through September 28th, 2020. Normally this clean-up is a big event with a party and a large crowd but this year we asked that everyone keep it to their own neighborhoods.

As soon as we started encouraging everyone to get outside, the fires started raging and the smoke was too much, keeping everyone indoors. We weren't sure if it would clear-up in time but thank goodness, blue skies began to appear and everyone got to work. You don't think about just how much trash there is until you really get going and before you know it you've filled bags and everything looks so nice. Even though we've wrapped up the project, there is no shame in continuing to keep it clean while staying safe.

We had loads of prizes to give-away to the over 150 participants including custom Ray-Bans provided by Hogback Development and tomorrow on-air at 3:30 pm on 107.3 KFFM we will be giving-away the grand prize, an awesome head-set, keyboard and mouse pack!

Keepin' It Safe 2020 Neighborhood Cleanup

Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 pm the following prizes will be drawn Wednesday Drawing: 2 Sadies's Hawaiian Xpresso, Hogback Development baseball hat, Subway of Yakima, Kingston Gaming package

If you logged your hours please see below to find out what prize you have earned and thank you again so much for participating.

Criselia Gonzalez - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Dinorah Torquato - Kingston Technology jumpdrive


Anthony Vera - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Jess Garcia - Kingston Technology jumpdrive

Devin Brown - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Dorothy Lee - Hogback Development Baseball Cap


Ray Gherman - Hogback waterbottle

Christina Yergen - Subway of Yakima

Analisa Torres - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Daisy Martinez - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Sean Ritter - Hogback Development baseball hat

Jim Lope - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Margarita Larios - Hogback hat

Sandi Yergen - Subway of Yakima


Juan Torres - Quality Inn Weekend Stay

Marjie Taylor - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Lori Stephenson - Olive Press Life Coaching

Rebecca Shelton - Subway of Yakima

Adrianne Garner - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso

Hanna Ramos - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso

Jenicia Ceja - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso

Pamela Milford - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Massiah Gutierrez - Gentleman's Barber


Jillian Ceja - Fine By Design Color Street Nails

Manny Ceja - Hogback Development Gater Mask


Maria Monay - Subway of Yakima

Jose Torres - Hogback hat

Isley Torres - Subway of Yakima

Elsie Zaragoza - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Noe Ramos - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Enrique Ramos - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso


Janet Lustre - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Stephanie Sanchez - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Kelsie Hinkle - Ray-Ban sunglasses

Michael Moore - Hogback Development gator mask

Suzana Celestine - Hogback Development Gater Mask


Scott Clark - Subway of Yakima

Wesley Bryant - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Diana Covell - Olive Press Life Coaching

Joseph Brusic - Kingston Technology jumpdrive

Dirk Weiler - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Mark Grange - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Taive Duffy - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso

Rebecca Shaw - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Ermelinda Rocha - Hogback Development Gater Mask


Ayden Rocha - Hogback Development Gater Mask


Kiann Jaeger - Subway of Yakima

Kyle Jaeger - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Dan Jaeger - Gentleman's Barbershop

Christopher Butler - Subway of Yakima

Jose M Torres - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Cynthia Cruzen - Buzzin Bees Espresso

Chris Cupp - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Alejandro Solorzano - Gentleman's Barbershop

Barbara Strutner - Olive Press Life Coaching

Greg Strutner - Hogback Development Gater Mask

Ariadna Costa - Subway of Yakima

Mindy Udell - Olive Press Life Coaching

Nick Udell - Gentleman's Barbershop

Clayton Udell - Kingston Gaming Set


Anna Stephenson - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso

Linda McCrone - Buzzin Bees Espresso

John Lange - Subway of Yakima


Heather Carillo - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso

Michael (Mike) Meyer - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso

Rose Meyer - Buzzin Bees Espresso


Alicia Egan - Buzzin Bees Espresso


Issabella Vera - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso


Efrain Araujo - Buzzin Bees Espresso


Jessica Torres - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso


Maria Benavides - Olive Press Life Coaching

Ken Crow - Hogback baseball hat

Araceli Guerrero - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso


Amy Zook - Sadie's Hawaiian Xpresso

Dominic Figueroa - Buzzin Bees Espresso


Rafael Torres - Hogback waterbottle

Galilea Torres Hogback Development baseball hat


Silvester Aguilar - Buzzin Bees Espresso

Isaiah Gonzalez - Hogback waterbottle


David Acevedo - Quality Inn Weekend Getaway


Klarissa Mendoza - Buzzin Bees Espresso

Quinn Dalan - Buzzin Bees Espresso

Tyler Johnson - Fine By Design Color Street Nails

Linda Hagert - Buzzin Bees Espresso

We are searching for mentors, a program that matches kids that have been adversely impacted by opioid misuse with caring adults who are interested in their wellbeing.

To get involved and learn more at Safe Yakima Valley today!

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