Valentine's Day is coming up Feb. 14. It shouldn't be a surprise, but it seems to creep up quickly if you're a guy, for some reason. It takes a bit of planning and prepping, but this year maybe you should consider something homemade. Even if it's not from you, you could commission someone to make something for you. That's how I got this awesome hat!

My wife is a huge Sailor Moon fan. She has a Sailor Moon iPhone case, Sailor Moon stuffed animals and even has imported Sailor Moon make-up from Japan. She loves hats and I had heard of someone calling themselves The Knotty Saint who can knit just about anything you need. They don't have a menu or order form, but with a few quick messages they can figure out something for you. I dropped them a message asking if they could make something that looks close enough to Sailor Moon's hair and, sure enough, the finished product looks way cooler than anything I could've hoped for.

I loved it so much I couldn't wait. I gave her this hat immediately. She loved it and now I need to find something else to give her on Valentine's Day.

Even if you can't knit or play a musical instrument or build things, others can and you can help them out by throwing a few bucks their way to score something awesome. Etsy is great for stuff like this. You can also reach out on local Facebook groups to see if anyone can do something you have in mind. I promise, if you have the idea, someone knows how to execute it.

This year maybe consider putting some thought into something unique that you can't find in stores. If you don't have the talent to make something, have someone do it for you. I promise they'll love it all the same.