Stories are pouring in about a scam going around the Yakima Valley where a person or persons are selling "18-carat gold" rings in a few different ways

1) According to KIMA-TV, in some cases man approaches his target, saying he is from out of town on a road trip and needs gas. He's lost his wallet, he explain, and offers to sell his jewelry to cover the cost of the gas.

2) In another case, a woman told 107.3 KFFM that her boyfriend's cousin got scammed at Legends Casino when he bought a ring for $40, took it to the pawn shop and was told at the shop that they’d seen that same ring in there plenty of times.

3) In yet another instance, a listener saw a ring that looked just like the one at Legends being sold on Facebook for $80. Her boyfriend has that ring now. It looks real but we know it’s not.

Here is what the fake ring looks like courtesy of listener Ana V:

Fake Gold Rings courtesy of Ana V

Now the big question: How many rings are left out and about?

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