Amazon has always been in the front of innovation. They recently opened up an Amazon Go store in Seattle which features no checkout lines. You, literally, grab the items you need and walk out the store. Seriously. Here's a few photos and how it works.

Before you enter the store, you can your Amazon Go barcode. Once it's scanned, you may enter and take what you want and walk out. There are sensors all over the store that track your every movement so it knows where you are, what you're grabbing and when you leave. It then charges you for your items after you left.

Seattle is a test location so the store wasn't complete, yet. For instance, there wasn't a full service supermarket but, thus far, people have been impressed.

It was pretty cool. You scan in your Amazon Go barcode to enter. Then you take what you want and walk out. It was really simple. My friend who took these photos, Kevin, was asked if he felt like he was stealing. He replied, "Not when I got the receipt on the app afterwards."

This is a test location so the store wasn’t a full service supermarket. But as a proof of concept it’s really impressive.

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