Ready to start a new career? Looks like Seattle isn't a bad place to get you going.

Source: WalletHub

When it comes to starting a new career, Seattle came in 22nd place. I thought it would've been higher as it has so many digital outlets from companies including Amazon. Still, it's not as bad. Other Washington cities show Tacoma came in 52, Spokane in 80 and Vancouver, WA in 93.

First place in both professional opportunities and quality of life belong to Salt Lake City, Utah. I've been there a few times and I could agree with that. Seems like it'd be a great place to live.

Tacoma is second place for highest monthly average starting wage. Always important. Seattle was also listed fifth place for the highest percentage of population aged 25 - 34. A couple things to consider.

This was thanks to the listing from Wallet Hub. See the rest of it.

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