World Women's Snooker is making it's U.S. debut in Seattle this weekend. Snooker first came to my attention in 2007. My wife and I were on vacation in Ireland. And as we enjoyed a pint of Guinness at a pub in Dublin, Snooker was on the TV.

What is Snooker? It's a game similar to pool, except the table is bigger, and the balls  and pockets are smaller. All of which makes it more difficult to play, as you can imagine.

It caught our attention because it was so... Odd. At least to us - we'd never seen it before. And the locals were watching it like we watch a Seahawks game - and cheering just as loudly; making a ruckus for this sort-of-pool, sort-of-not game. We laughed to ourselves because none of it made sense to us. What had we just stumbled upon?

As it turns out, Snooker has been around for-everrrr. And, as with football (soccer in the U.S.), we Americans are the last to catch on. But when we do, we do it BIG.

World Womens Snooker, US-Womens-Open-2022
World Womens Snooker

This weekend the World Women's Snooker Open Tournament is being held in Seattle. Like most sports, the game is dominated by men, so what better place than Seattle to showcase female players. After all, this city is home to one of the great WNBA teams, The Seattle Storm, and a legendary player: Sue Bird. And just as the WNBA has grown in popularity, World Women's Snooker is looking to do the same.

You're invited to the watch the Snooker tournament, or enter the event at OX Billiards on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Competition is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. More details can be found here.

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