Congratulations have to go to Selah Intermediate School. They raised the most food and donations in the recently completed 10 Deeds in 10 Days food and cash drive. In return, they will take over our radio station for one full day.

Earlier today, Nahum Ray, Reesha on the Radio and I went to the school to thank the students personally for their generosity and to get some sound clips of them giving shout-outs and making song requests.

They will take over 107.3 with all of their song requests and shout-outs on a date in the near future.

Thanks to Mindy Forbes for allowing us to come in during school hours and all of the teachers for allowing us to interrupt their lessons to accommodate this victory. We even got shout-outs and requests from the teachers. Listen for them as well.

And thanks to everyone who donated during 10 Deeds in 10 Days. It was a great success!