President, First Lady Host Girls Scouts At First-Ever White House Campout
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I just signed up my five-year old daughter, Willow, for the Girl Scouts. She is going to be a Daisy, and we are both so excited! I am looking forward to making friends with all the moms and living the life of actress Shelley Long in the movie Troop Beverly Hills! Willow is over the moon about going on camping trips and earning "petals" badges with her friends, both old and new. (By the way, if you ever need Girl Scout cookies, please hit me up! *shamless plug*)

Imagine my surprise when I logged in to Facebook yesterday afternoon and saw that there were story links to a big ruckus about Girl Scouts marching in Donald Trump's Inauguration Parade. I had no idea that Girl Scout troops have been marching in presidential parades for decades. What an opportunity of a lifetime!

Now that I am officially a part of the Girl Scout family, I will weigh in on this controversy. I am not emotionally bothered by any Girl Scout troop who wants to march in Trump's parade, so long as her participation is not mandatory, is not forced upon her by her parents, and as long as none of the girls face negative consequences for choosing whether or not to participate.

There is already a boycott petition at It already has over 143,000 signatures. The Girl Scouts of America responded to the outcry by saying the GS are non-political and non-partisan; its troops have marched in every presidential parade since the early 1900's, and each girl can make up her own mind whether or not to attend. So far, only 75 girls are marching.

Other parents, however, are extremely concerned with allowing their child to be a part of festivities of President-Elect Donald Trump, reminding us that he has body shamed women, he told Billy Bush that he likes to "grab [women] by the [kitten heels]" and they would let him because he is so famous.

They say that Vice-President-Elect, Mike Pence, aims to support legislation that will take away the right for American women to have full control over their own bodies.

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