Ariel Winter is not a fan of Donald "Nobody Has More Respect For Women Than I Do" Trump.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in New York City on Thursday, October 20, the Modern Family star put Trump on blast over the disgraceful, misogynistic comments he made about women in the shocking 2005 Access Hollywood video uncovered this month.

"I think it's really disappointing that we've made so many strides towards promoting body positivity for women, and for men, and for empowering women, and he really kind of just tears it all down," the actress shared.

"I think it's really disappointing that he's made it this far," Winter added, bluntly. "That he is a presidential candidate, and this is possibly the person who will be representing the United States..."

Winter has long been a champion for women's body positivity, especially on social media where she often finds herself defending her own photos over negative comments about how much skin she's showing or what she's wearing or simply how she exists in her own body.

The actress, who is the spokesperson for Dove's new Self-Esteem Project: #SpeakBeautiful, also opened up about her past self-esteem issues and how online bullying has affected her personally.

"For many years, I faced tons of online criticism from cyber bullying," she told ET. "I had a ton of self-esteem issues, so I had a really long body positivity journey of learning to be confident in myself."

And no one, certainly not Donald Trump, is going to take that away from her.

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