(For the sake of potentially offending any businesses locally, I'll be using "In-N-Out Burger" in my example)

If I buy an In-N-Out "double-double burger" it's $3.45. If I order it WITHOUT cheese, it's still $3.45.

A couple of guys in Florida attempted to purchase a burger in that fashion at a national fast-food chain, and they didn't get a discount. They think it's unfair, so they filed a class action lawsuit.

Their argument boils down to something pretty simple: A hamburger costs less at this particular fast food restaurant than a cheeseburger, so, clearly, the cheese has SOME monetary value. So why wouldn't you get a discount if you have them hold the cheese?

It KIND OF makes sense to me ... it does benefit the restaurant if you order it without cheese. Is it worth suing?  Nah.

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