The incredibly delicious, absolutely satisfying first bite of a cheeseburger is almost incomparable. It's juicy with loads of flavor and each spot you grab one from a fast food joint has a specific flavor to it. Make your own and it's even more wonderful...well maybe even more perfect when someone else makes one for you.

Memorial Day Burger 2020
Sarah Johnson

I hear we are going to be getting a Habit Burger Grill soon, never tried their cheeseburger but I am so excited to do so. Today I had a Whopper from Burger King and the grill flavor on those are just the best but I can get down on a Majors burger with some bacon is nom! nom! nom!

My all-time favorite memory of eating a burger was when I lived on Oahu. A black and blue burger from Cheeseburger in Paradise with the backdrop of the ocean and a cold drink was flipping stupid amazing.

For some reason I had a thing about not eating burgers at McDonald's for many years but now I am down to at the very least ask for a bite when the hubs is chowing down on them.

I know people freak out about In-N-Out Burger, singer Lily Allen and her brand new husband actor David Harbour enjoyed a small reception at the burger joint. I love that. There was even a time when I remember teens to enjoy their romantic Homecoming or Prom with a pre-burger dinner, fancy table cloth, flowers, and their favorite menu items.

Out of love for cheeseburger everywhere please humor me because I just need to know and maybe I have many more burgers to try

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