That snow on the sidewalk isn't going to shovel itself -- and the more you wait for the city to do it for you, the more it's not going to happen. It's up to you.

According to the city of Yakima government website, it's up to you to shovel your own sidewalk. Same if you own a business.

Clean Your Sidewalk
Snow removal from sidewalks in front of your home and business is a responsibility of all citizens. The best time to shovel snow is immediately after it falls and before ice can begin to form.

They also ask you not to take it personally.

It goes on to say that you can't shovel the snow into the street. It must be thrown on the lawn -- that's the law.

As shoveling your own sidewalk is an ordinance, it's to be taken as if we all pitch in, we can take care of business in our city instead of waiting around for it to happen.

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