Every city in every place all over the World has interesting and unexplained moments. Hopefully they are captured on film but sometimes the story alone is good enough to pass on for generations. I'm a part of the Facebook group called WTF Just Happened in Yakima? Well, judging from the following photos, a lot.

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It's Electric!

Karla Pendleton Evans
You might have seen him around town

We're going to start it off with the one and only John Walden. You might have seen him around town zooming this way and that on what I referred to as a one wheeler and John corrected me, "Electric Unicycle". Of course it is! If you'd like to see more of that business you can follow John and his adventures on Instagram!

When the weather gets warmer he might even teach you. He mentioned that he was able to teach a 70-year-old in just a few hours. You are never to young or old to have a good time and try something new! John is all pumped because he now has a new electric unicycle that reaches speeds of 50 miles per hour, though he says he hasn't topped 40 just yet. Smart man!

Snow Shoveling in the Year 2021

Lisa Minnix
This takes snow shoeing to a whole new level

I am curious if Mom was upset that perfectly good kicks had been glued to what looks like a pvc pipe cut in half!? Or were they then forced to go outside and shovel all the snow. Do you think the glue kept the shoes dry? If you made these, I must know, did you make any money?

It Only Happens When It Rains

Bill Franklin
It only happens when it rains

Only when it rains will you catch this magical piece of art in the parking lot of Casino Caribbean. I feel like this is a secret that only people who are "in" know about. I have just dubbed you in, so keep it quiet but also share with your friends because, it's a parking lot penis and how often do you see those?

Why have one when you can have 50?

Mindy Sparks
The more the merrier

Are they attempting to hide a smell or has the collection just grown over the years? That's commitment for sure and getting awfully close to making it hard to see while driving.

My Mama Said Don't Talk to Strangers

Janet Daniels
Wanna grab a beer?

I just am so curious about all of it. Will you always be at Bills Place tomorrow? Was this after a drunken night or are you inspiring friendships with this?

If it Fits It Sits

Rhianna Chronister
Could this be a PSA for not being on your phone while trying to park?

This is such a crazy looking photo! Did they misjudge and pump the gas instead of the break? Did they then punch it and try to jump the parking spot and get stuck? How long has the car been like that? And then you gotta love people coming together because here is another angle of the same vehicle.

Jesus Manzo
I just found the strongest man in Yakima

Epic moment for a beautiful day in Yakima

Commit or Don't Bother

Lindsay Nicole Smith
I feel like this is not their first rodeo

Did they fall asleep or is this what someone who is finding treasures looks like?

Sign Me Up for a Good Time!


I am constantly trying to find the best way to burn calories and I don't think I was aware this even existed! Have you ever walked on the moving belt at the airport, when you get off it still feels like you're gliding and I do feel like this would do the same thing. What a smooth mode of transportation and I can totally dig it.

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