Yakima Valley. You are so special. A lot of people complain about you but honestly, you're home. Four beautiful seasons and a handful of bitter people who have never left the city complaining about what a crapshoot this place is. You need to get out and see a bit of the World, every place has bits of a crapshoot to it. This is ours. I mean look at what we can claim.

Yakima - the Palm Springs of Washington! What do you call Yakima?

One of my most endearing is Crakima but when I was moving here from California I used to call it Yukima.


We are known for wine, ciders, apples, hops, and oddball sights for sure.

I put together a gallery of wild photos that show-off our gem of a Valley and it continues below. If you have a photo you'd like to add, message us and I'd be happy to highlight it.

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