It's anyone's guess as to how our current state of affairs will affect the celebration of one of our culture's most participated-in holidays - the spooky, scary, creepy, hauntedly delightful - HALLOWEEN!

Many areas around the country have banned certain aspects of it like attempting to curtail trick or treating or trunk or treating. I'm not really sure how that could be enforced on a population who's driven by a desire to load up on sweets. Might be chaos!

Jennifer Barrow

One thing I did notice earlier today - there's already at least one HALLOWEEN-THEMED store open in Yakima. SPIRIT HALLOWEEN is open at the Gateway Center just down from Target. It caught my eye as I drove by and so I thought I'd stop in for a look. Unfortunately, I'm not able to share any pictures with you. Whatever they have going on in there - they either want to keep a closely guarded secret - or they want you to discover it for yourself - in person.

Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson

After snapping a photo of the outside of the building (since that's out there for the public to see) I went inside and met one of the very nice associates. Mom always taught me to be polite, and since it's the professional thing to do, I stopped and spoke with the associate and explained that I was there to take a few pictures to share in an article on the radio station website and didn't want her to think I was some kind of wacko.

She was super polite right back at me - but asked if I'd wait while she checked with management. I said of course and passed the time by gazing at some absolutely awesome Halloween decor' for my front lawn. I could describe it here but, frankly, I think you should see it for yourself and, the associate came back and explained it was 'company policy' to not allow photographs to be taken inside the store. I was a bit surprised since thousands of people would see this free publicity but, I respect their policy and gladly complied.

What's going on in there? I don't know. Whatever it is, it doesn't want its' picture taken.

Dark silhouette of girl behind glass. Locked alone in room behind door on Halloween in grayscale. Nightmare of child with aliens, monsters and ghosts. Evil in home in monochrome. Inside haunted house.


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