Ugh! This ADHD med shortage is a nightmare! Anyone else in WA struggling?

My family has been affected by the shortage, too. I had to go through three pharmacies in town before I finally was referred to one with the medication my child needs.

I'm a worry-wart by nature, so I was kind of freaking out when my usual pharmacy called to let me know my child's prescription could not be filled.

I was like, say what, now?

I'm used to getting a text message saying there's been a delay in stocking certain medications our family needed, but I've never experienced not one, but two pharmacies tell me they were not able to secure them.

It turns out, this isn't just a regional Washington state thing; it's a national crisis! Pharmacists all over the country are just as concerned about this as the patients who need them.

Yikes on bikes, as the kids say!

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The United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention sent out an alert regarding the extreme shortage of ADHD meds back in June.

"Drug Shortages can occur for many reasons, including manufacturing and quality problems, delays, and discontinuations." - CDC



Some WA Parents Are in Crisis_ Can't Find ADHD Meds for Kids
ADHD Med Shortage, Canva

If you have any problems getting your prescribed ADHD medication from your regular pharmacy, ask your doctor to request assistance to find you one that has exactly what you need.

That's what I did, and once I told my doctor about the shortage, she was able to find an in-house pharmacy at the medical clinic that had exactly what we needed. Potential crisis averted!

Has the ADHD med shortage been hitting your family hard? Share your experience with us via chat through our station app.

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