Have you ever tried to drive an RV? I haven't yet, but I have been in the passenger seat and it's wild :)

They are so fun -- a mobile home on wheels. So why wouldn't you want to take it through your favorite drive-through? Well for one thing, it won't fit! A Kennewick woman has learned that the hard way.

Kennewick Police described the scene as follows:

Shortly after midnight, officers responded to a call of an RV stuck in the drive-thru of Taco Bell on Plaza Way. The RV had been driven into the drive-thru the wrong way to begin with. The driver, Anastacia M Etzwiler, age 56, was suspected of driving under the influence. She was arrested and booked into jail.

Dang, she did a double no-no. Went in the wrong way and then got herself stuck. Think she still got her order?

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