Yakima Police Officers are busy all day chasing calls for service but they're also charged with traffic control. Every Tuesday Yakima Police update the numbers from the patrols and so far they're not showing any decreases. Since the beginning of the month officers have so far made 1,997 traffic stops and issued 855 citations. During those stops Officers arrested 31 people for driving under the influence and investigated 64 collisions, 31 the result of drivers running a red light.
City officials say there's no plan to end the emphasis patrols anytime soon and will likely continue until the end of the year and beyond.

Patrol officers are busy but they also are stopping drivers

Capt. Jay Seely Commander of the city traffic unit says officers are now charged with making 3 to 4 traffic stops a day to help send a message to drivers they need slow down.

Have a problem in your area you want addressed?

Do you have a home or a business in the city? Currently Seely says he's divided the city into four areas assigning a Lieutenant to each area. You can find the information at https://yakimapolice.org/lt-areas-of-responsibility/
You can also find the information under the areas of responsibility in the information hub tab at yakimapolice.org.

Seely says anyone can now click on the area where they live or own and business and find out which Lieutenant is in charge of that specific area or neighborhood.
He says residents can contact the police officials in those specific areas to talk about specific concerns.

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