Shades of Blue: Thursdays on NBC. Available on Hulu.

Reesha Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5

Synopsis: The show is actually really good and full of suspense. I like shows where I can see it happening in real life. J-Lo (Harlee) is a part of a close-knit crew of dirty cops. She gets busted by the FBI and makes a deal to rat on her police sargeant in order to avoid time in the slammer and protect her teenage daughter. Along the way, she hooks up with a super sexy ADA named James. GIRL! I don't blame her. My only complaint about them hooking up was why did it take so long! I had a suspicion that the FBI agent was going to fall in love with Harlee, and it seems that by the end of episode 3, my hunch may be right! Meanwhile, Ray Liotta is going to find out the truth about his suspicions that Harlee is an FBI informant and then all the ISH is going to hit the fan!



I can't stand Drea Matteo one bit, from her character's plots to her scrunched up face, let alone her acting "abilities", for that matter. Ray Liotta's got a secret. Mmmhmm. (He's been secretly gettin it in but I won't tell you with who. You'll find out in episode 3!) And both of the new guys are all kinds of lovely. J-Lo can act her buns off. You go, girl.

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