St. Patrick's day may seem like a day to enjoy some Corned Beef and Cabbage, down some green beer, and maybe enjoy an Irish Carbomb or two. But it can be so much more than that for your kiddos.

Some parents try to go above and beyond, getting chocolate coins, shamrock cookies, and maybe even a stuffed leprechaun for the kids. But, what if I told you how to make this the most memorable St. Patrick's day for your kids yet. I have four fun ways to knock those green socks right off your kids.

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My mom used to go above and beyond for my brothers and I every holiday, for me these traditions are still fun and have created some of my favorite memories from being with my family. So let's start.

3.) Chocolate Coins Hunt

One thing I remember doing every St. Patrick's day morning was looking for a trail of gold coins. Much like the breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Grettle but this time they're left behind by the leprechaun that's loose somewhere in your home. Each trail of coins led to something different. The first trail would lead to some shamrock cookies, the second to a glass of green milk, the last would lead to none other than the Leprechaun. However it was always a stuffed leprechaun, my mom would tell us that they leave a toy behind to get away, of course with the stuffed leprechaun came the rest of the chocolate gold.

2.) Decorating the Shamrock Cookies

Not only was it way too early to be eating cookies in the morning, but the cookies were just blank four-leaf clover cookies, my mom would get all the decorations you could think of, sprinkles, green icing, and we would use the gold chocolates all crushed up to put on top. The best part about this is letting your kids go ham while making them, they're more than likely gonna need a little help to make sure they don't go overboard but this is a blast for the whole family.

1.) ST. Patrick's day movie night

This last one was pretty easy for my mom since we watched the same movie every year. But now with streaming services it couldn't be easier, Disney + has a plethora of old and new movies about st. Patrick's day with mickey mouse and the gang or even the old Disney Channel movies like Luck Of The Irish. The part that still makes me sentimental was falling asleep to the movie knowing I had the best day ever with my mom and dad. If you're looking to enjoy a beer yourself grab some sprite as well, get some green food dye and let the kids join in. They don't have to know you're drinking a beer haha.

Hopefully, these ideas were just what you were looking for, or maybe they gave you a fun idea yourself that you'll wanna try out this year.

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