Yes! Tonights the night and I will be honest, I needed a pick me up! If you recall I have a connection to one of the contestants competing on tonight's episode of The Titan Games. Margaux and I attended college and were even roommates for a brief amount of time.

Since speaking to her a few weeks ago, the protests began across the Nation and the World. A lot of people have been called out for a number of things. Recently the CEO of Crossfit has come under fire with a recent article released by the NYT "CrossFit Owner Fostered Sexist Company Culture workers say," I know there are a considerable amount of people in our own area that love that form of training so I wanted you to know that not only is Margaux a lover of working out, challenging herself and drinking wine. She is also a businesswoman, very eager to discuss the possibility of purchasing the company and just what that would look like.

WOW! CLICK HERE because she lays out the plan and how local gyms across the county and everyone could ultimately benefit!

This girl is constantly moving forward and pushing past her goals and is a great example of what goal setting and crushing really looks like.

We all have moments where we feel like we can't go on. We want to just stop and let someone else take over. In those moments, take a sec and remember you are not alone, the hardest parts come right before the success.

Very excited to share info that might help any gym continue allowing motivated individuals to thrive.

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