Your body can be pushed farther than you realize and once you tap into the next level, there is nothing holding you back!

I mentioned a while back that one of my roommates from college, Margaux is one of the competitors on season two of The Titan Games, premiering tonight on NBC! I am SO pumped to cheer her on and already know it's going to be a night filled with inspiration.

She is a daily reminder that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. People overcome crazy obstacles every day so whatever you are struggling with, know for one you are not alone and two, you shall overcome!

Margaux's message is

"Work hard, wine down. Whether that is in the gym, with your family, school, career or whatever goal you have, you work hard towards your goals, you embrace the struggles, celebrate the successes with how far you have come and at the end of the day you enjoy a glass or two of wine with your friends and family. It's about enjoying the process along the way and making the most of every moment you have."

Margaux Alvarez of The Titan Games Season Two

Not only is today Memorial Day but it's also National Wine day so in honor of both cheers!



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