Who said gas prices are out of control?

The Torrance Daily Breeze reports a service station in Wilmington, California sold premium gas for the rock-bottom-it-must-be-1992 price of $1.10 a gallon for a four-hour period last Sunday. The gas was supposed to be sold for $4.29 a gallon.

Kenny Nguyen, who owns the Valero station where the price cut took place, said the snafu happened because of a computer error. That computer error wound up costing him $21,000. Word of the price spread quicker than a fire doused with gasoline and motorists poured in to stock up, while police kept traffic under control. After filling up their tanks, several drivers tried to make the most of the opportunity by filling up spare gas cans.

About 7,000 gallons of gas wound up being sold in a three-hour period, alone.

While Nguyen certainly came out on the losing end of his accidental sale, another victim of the computer malfunction may have been the attendant on duty, who was busy manning the pumps while also having to handle the convenience store.

The glitch was all fixed by Monday and the regular price was back in effect.

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