Have You Ever Stolen Something from a Restaurant?

It's the big question and no one is really judging you, actually yes, there are a lot of people judging you but you are not alone. Many Americans admit to stealing items when they go out to eat, some prefer to steal from out-of-town restaurants, like a token of the time spent in a certain place, but why wouldn't you just buy the item? Are you aware that restaurants actually pay for that monogrammed glass you just shoved into your purse?

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Times Are Tough and Forks Are Hot Items

Gift Wrapped Fork

The excuse that you can't afford your own cutlery so you decide to take it from your favorite dive bar might seem pretty far out there but for some, it's not even viewed as theft or at least so minor it shouldn't matter. According to Food & Wine Magazine, there was a recent TikTok video that went viral of a woman proudly displaying all the items she had secured over the years. She'd stolen enough items to hold her own massive meal but after gaining a few million views she wisely removed the incredulous video.

Yakima Valley What Have You Stolen?


This is a safe space to share your stories, I'll even go first. I am the keeper of a few different sauce containers, from which restaurant I don't recall but what I do remember is the evening involved a few alcoholic beverages. Not an excuse because it doesn't matter what size the item is it's not yours to take. Who out there is stealing molcajetes? That just seems messy and pretty bold but I suppose it does start with salt shakers and can get out of hand quickly if you're not caught and billed for something early in your career of theft.

Are You Guilty of Stealing from a Restaurant?

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