Believe it or not, dogs feel a lot of stress, anytime you're sad, hurt, angry or bummed out your dog is too, they feel what we feel and reciprocate to try and make us feel better, so next time you're planning a vacation why not bring them along for some rest and relaxation too?

There are plenty of great places in Washington to take your dog on vacation, but lucky for you, we narrowed it down to the four best places to take a vacation with your dog. Whether the dog loves water, hiking, or all of the above we'll find something perfect for you both.

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4.) Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is a perfect getaway for anyone who loves the water, tasty food, and fun activities. There are plenty of hotels that offer you to bring your doggo along for some rest and relaxation. Your dog is sure to love hitting the lake with you and cooling off with a nice relaxing swim.

3.) Camping at Kachess Campground

Located in Easton Washington it's not too far of a drive from Yakima, with the perfect place to be out in the wild with your pup. Let them go dig, find sticks and even be cozy around the campfire with you. It's the perfect chance for you and your best friend to really bond.

2.) Leavenworth 

Believe it or not, there are a couple of hotels where you can bring your dog along for your vacation here. Hang out with your dog while walking around town and checking out the local shops, take the night in for yourselves and enjoy the beautiful lights while grabbing a bite to eat outside, maybe sparky can order something off the menu for themselves.

1.) Ocean Shores

Talk about the perfect getaway whether you're going with family or best pal, that's right we're talking about your puppy. Take a trip to the coast and enjoy everything they have to offer, food, activities, trinkets, kite flying, and of course running on the beach with your best pal. The first time I took my dog on vacation at the beach we didn't expect him to go into the ocean at all but it was one of the first things he did, we were shocked to see how much he loved not only the water but the beach as well. it's a perfect vacation for any dog lover and their dog.



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