Peek Inside Stunning Million Dollar Log Cabin in Naches WA

Washington state contains some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the country and a lot of it can be found in Yakima County. The further out you get from the Yakima city limits, the more nature becomes stunning. Once you get to Naches, Washington, you begin to have your breath taken away by the jaw-dropping scenes of nature. There is a stunning two-story log cabin for sale that is tucked away in Naches that is worth a peek inside.


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This stunning log cabin in Naches was built in 2004 on 57.4 acres of land in the Naches area of Washington on Bethel Ridge Rd. That is the equivalent of 43 football fields or 531 basketball courts!


There are 5 huge bedrooms in this log cabin, 2 1/2 baths and a 1-car garage. It is powered by gas and has hardwood floors. The masonry trim on the log cabin is made of stone, which you can visibly see as you get up close to the house. It is not connected to city sewers so it uses a septic system for waste. Water is obtained for the property by a well.

The log cabin has a full finished basement and a wood deck that surrounds the perimeter of the home. The kitchen has a built-in island which is perfect for cooking up lavish dinners for your family and guests. We noticed that there are two solar panels on the property as well.

If you end up living here, how much you wanna bet you will feel like Paul Bunyan or that dude who lived in the Alaskan wilderness and built his own homes on that documentary they used to make us watch in school (and YVC college, ask me how I know)!

There is even a lovely view of the Naches River not too far from the front door of the log cabin! Nothing but natural beauty and a crap ton of trees awaits you if you buy this house! And yes, there is a fireplace, laundry room, and a WINE CELLAR. Sounds like bliss to me! Prepare yourself for a peek inside this stunning log cabin beauty!

This log cabin is currently listed for $1,899,000 by Nick Udell of Berkshire Hathaway via

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Peek Inside This Stunning Million Dollar Log Cabin in Naches, WA

Even if you cannot afford to buy this nearly 2 million dollar log cabin in Naches, WA, you can still appreciate the interior and exterior features! Could you imagine living in these gorgeous surroundings? You could be your own lumberjack!

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